Soft silicone bust pre-order information

Pre-order info for Minifee compatible soft silicone bust

Pre-order is live!
It will run from June the 4th 8 pm GMT to the 18th 8pm GMT for the NS color bust.
Pre-orders might close before the 18th*

AT 8 PM GMT (not before), please send me an email at using the following template:

Full name:
Bust type: fairyline version / active-line version
PayPal e-mail address:

Please read carefully before placing an order:

Price is €89+shipping.
This is a preorder for the normal skin silicone bust + its internal structure, no other color for this pre-order. Tan and/or WS should be available in the future.
Upon receiving your e-mail, I’ll send you a PayPal invoice for the bust+shipping within a few days.
Expect around €25-30 for shipping to most countries outside of Europe.
Orders will be shipped insured and tracked to the address you provided on PayPal so make sure you update it before you pay.
Sadly, I cannot offer a layaway option at the time being.
Please note that depending on your country, customs charges may apply upon receiving your order. I am not to be held accountable for those charges.

Please expect a minor color difference between your doll and the bust. Color is too variable: the resin bath of your doll, its age, the difference in material, the amount of talc you put on the silicone.
The bust is very delicate and can tear if handled too roughly. Talc must be put on it on a regular basis to avoid dust, finger must be clean before touching. It is not a part made for rough handling. Dark clothes will stain the silicone.
I am making the busts myself with great care and the appropriate machinery (vacuum pump etc). I have very good quality standards but keep in mind the busts are homemade and might not be as perfect as a professionally made product.

*I have limited free time on my hands with my baby so I can’t keep up with more than a few homemade bust orders at a time. I didn’t expect my work to generate this kind of interest!
I am currently reworking a few things on the master and testing silicones to try to provide the best possible part to you.
I am unsure at the current time how fast I can produce the parts so I might be closing the pre-order earlier, depending on how it goes, to go figure out all options for efficient production, then open a new pre-order as soon as everything is settled.
I’d like everyone to be able to obtain a bust if they desire one so please bear with me, I am doing my absolute best! This project is very important to me and I want it to be perfect.
Thanks a lot!